PIX11News-Rockland-NY-hypnotistWhether you want to go into the New Year sticking to your resolutions or you simply want to be consistent with hitting the gym, you may find some empowering help with New York based hypnotherapist, Jeffrey Rose on WPIX Morning News.


CBS News hypnotist Jeffrey Rose CBS News NY “The Hypnosis Fix” features Rockland County, NY hypnotherapist, and nutritionist, Jeffrey Rose with a stop smoking client and a weight loss client in an interview at our Manhattan hypnosis center in this news story about using hypnosis to lose weight and hypnosis to quit smoking.

PIX11News-Rockland-NY-hypnotist Rockland County, NY hypnotherapist and sleep specialist, Jeffrey Rose on this WPIX Morning News segment discusses the importance of sufficient sleep for our children and how your children can be hypnotized to fall asleep faster.


Arise TV’s Entertainment 360 interviews Rockland County, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose about the use of hypnosis to help people achieve their specific goals to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, sleep better and feel more comfortable in public speaking.

tyra banks show-Manhattan hypnotist-jeffrey-roseRockland County, NY hypnotherapist and addiction recovery coach, Jeffrey Rose uses hypnosis on the Tyra Banks Show”  to help a Nicole, a guest on the show to quit smoking on “Your Future Face.”

the_dr._steve_show-hypnosis-for-sleepWPIX NY “Dr. Steve Show”  Rockland County, NY hypnotist and sleep specialist Jeffrey Rose of the Advanced Hypnosis Center is interviewed on using optimal sleep hygiene and hypnosis for insomnia.

Yahoo Mansome hypnotist NYYahoo Screen’s Mansome Hypnotism Episode “You are getting very sleepy. Hypnosis has been used to help cure everything from smoking to overeating, to depression. Rockland County, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose mesmerizes host Roger Hailes into a state of calm, showing how hypnotism can be the MANSOME way to tackle your issues.”


Rockland County, New York hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose appears in this CNN American Morning news segment “Kick the Butt” that asks if hypnotism is the best way to quit the cigarette habit and what if President Obama used hypnosis to quit smoking.

CBS News hypnotist Jeffrey RoseCBS News “Sleep Week”  Rockland County, NY hypnotist and sleep specialist, Jeffrey Rose helps his clients sleep better with hypnosis and advises not to watch TV, look at a computer screen or have any light on for one full hour before going to bed.
PIX11News-Rockland-NY-hypnotistThe five remaining presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops to get people’s votes. They are even using hypnosis techniques. Rockland County, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose talked about how these candidates are using hypnosis techniques on the morning of April 21st on PIX11 News.
the takeaway show interviews Jeffrey Rose about hypnosis to break habitsOn “Can Hypnosis Help a Resolution’s Resolve?  from National Public Radio’s The Take Away. Host Luke Burbank makes a resolution for 2010: In order to stop his craving for unhealthy fast food, he invites Rockland County, NY hypnotist, and nutritionist, Jeffrey Rose into the studio.
NY Hypnotist Jeffrey Rose is interview about hypnosis on CBS The Early Show Rockland County, NY hypnotherapist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH is interviewed about what hypnosis can achieve and what it can not be used for on the CBS News’ program, “The Early Show”
NY hypnotist on al jazeera about quitting smokingA study has shown that male and female brains respond differently to nicotine. This has prompted scientists to rethink treatment programs to help women give up smoking.  Al Jazeera America interviews Rockland County, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose who “is one of the top hypnotherapists in Manhattan” and one his smoking cessation clients about using hypnotherapy to quit smoking on “Quitting Smoking, Harder for Women?”

NY hypnotist on Fox & Friends talks about hypnosis to improve peoples' livesRockland, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose, on “Fox & Friends” says “the powerful state of hypnosis can be used to empower people to eat healthier, sleep better, exercise more, quit smoking and lose weight.”
NY hypnotist myMatrixx clinical commercialRockland County, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose plays the role a medical doctor discouraging the overuse of pharmaceutical medications in this myMatrixx clinical commercial.