Stop Hair Pulling With Hypnosis


hair pulling hypnotist nycHair pulling or trichotillomania may have started out as an easy way to cope with the stress and anxiety in your life. Unfortunately, overtime, it can lead to serious social and physical problems. Some people have thinned their hair out, and went so far as to leave large bald spots on their scalp. Others may end up with extremely thin, or even no eyebrows. This not only causes serious harm to your scalp and facial area, but you may experience severe social stigma from the embarrassment this cause you. It may even interfere with both your social life and career progress. Your self-esteem and self-confidence that is needed for success in life and reaching your fullest potential, will probably seriously be diminished.

Visiting our Rockland County, NY hypnotist at our New City hypnosis location is the best way to end your hair pulling habit for good. Through hypnosis you’ll come to comprehend subconsciously the huge harm in how the hair pulling habit is hurting you both physically and socially. Stopping your hair pulling habit is not enough for us. That’s why a visit to our Rockland County hypnosis center and experiencing the wisdom of our clinical hypnotherapist is your best choice. Learning new ways to deal with your current stressors is a key in ending your hair pulling habit. We will go beyond helping you to stop pulling your hair pulling for good, by helping you to learn more effective and healthy ways, both consciously and unconsciously, to cope with, reduce, and conquer the stress and anxiety in your life.

Please call our Rockland County hypnosis center at (800) 749-0840 to schedule a hypnosis for trichotillomania session. You will be surprised and delighted how quickly and easily your this problem will be resolved. You will find yourself leading a healthier and happier life, with enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, living a more successful social life.


The Advanced Hypnosis Center of Rockland County is conveniently located in New City, NY 10956 – Call today and stop hair pulling now!