If you mouse over Hypnosis Programs, you will see a drop down list of the most common challenges that Advanced Hypnosis Center of Rockland County can help you with. You should know that there are many more problems that we treat in our practice that are currently not listed here. For over 20 years we have been able to free our clients from many of their personal challenges. Regardless of the nature of your current challenge, give us a call so you can make your desired changes as soon as possible. For a more thorough description for our programs, you make click on any of the programs that are on the Hypnosis Programs list.

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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis Programs

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The dynamics of our program recognizes the complexity of being a habitual smoker, and approaches the treatment from many perspectives, rather than from one point of view. This comprehensive approach allows the smoker to break the smoking habit and modify their behavior, while overcoming the addiction to nicotine. The new-non smoker gains improved self-awareness, along with a much healthier self-image. Learn more about how to quit smoking with hypnosis.

Lose Weight with Hypnosis

There are some people who are overweight because of a physiological reason, for example a poor working thyroid and a low metabolism, or perhaps, as some now believe, a genetic predisposition toward weight gain. Fortunately, these people are actually an infrequent exception. The fact is, most people who are overweight are simply taking in more calories then they actually need. With hypnosis they could easily take in fewer calories, and with better food choices, actually supply their bodies with even more health-enhancing nutrients at the same time. Learn more about losing weight with hypnosis.

Sleep Better with Hypnosis

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Much of the time sleep challenges are caused by the way you are thinking, as you “try” to get to sleep. Often you are dwelling upon some upsetting incident or situation, real or imagined, past, present, or future. Some people even feel overwhelmed by the thoughts racing through their mind. Learn more about sleeping better with hypnosis.

Overcome Addiction with Hypnosis

If you’re trying to overcome an addiction in Rockland County, NY and suffering the painful consequences of your current harmful habit please call our Rockland hypnosis center and schedule a session of hypnotherapy for addictions in New City, so you can start your new healthier life. Learn more about overcoming addiction with hypnosis.

Overcome Anxiety with Hypnosis

Anxiety disorders generally result from psychological conditions, but sometimes physical factors and hereditary can play a role too. Discovering the cause of the fear and communicating it to the person is an important step that can lead to diminishing its power to create anxiety in the persons mind. Once it is discovered suggestions can be made that aid the individual to begin dealing with it more rationally  Learn more about overcoming anxiety with hypnosis.

Breaking a Bad Habits with Hypnosis

By using hypnotherapy to break a bad habit in our Rockland hypnosis center, you will be able to call on the power of your subconscious to end negative bad habits, and even replace them with new, positive, healthy ones. Habits are often very individual, for that reason it is not possible to name all the bad habits here, but by booking a session of hypnosis to break a bad habit with our Rockland hypnotist in our New City hypnosis center, your own bad habit can be eliminated easily. Learn more about breaking bad habits with hypnosis.

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Hypnosis for Medical Conditions

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for medical conditions can be a very therapeutic treatment modality. With an increased understanding of the integral relationship between body and mind modern medicine has come to appreciate and respect the value of of hypnotherapy in promoting the health and healing of medical patients. Hypnosis has been clinically proven to be a valuable compliment to treating many serious medical conditions. Learn more about hypnosis for medical conditions.

Hypnosis to Enhance Athletic Performance

Top athletes competing in college sports and at the professional level have all accepted the power of hypnosis to enable the competitor to perform at a higher level and to fully achieve their potential. Today many Olympic athletes in many different and varied sports regularly incorporate hypnosis and hypnotic techniques into their training programs. Learn more about hypnosis to enhance athletic performance.


Overcome Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

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Fear of Flying is one of the more common irrational fears. One reason is that there are many aspects to flying that are potentially psychologically disturbing. Please call our Rockland hypnosis center to book a session of hypnotherapy for fear of flying in New City, with Jeffrey Rose, our clinical hypnotist so you feel comfortable traveling by plane feeling, calm and confident, looking at your flight in a positive way. Learn more overcoming your fear of flying with hypnosis.

Gain Motivation to Exercise with Hypnosis

Many people who are not able to conscientiously carry through with an exercise program believe it’s because they lack willpower and envy those who maintain an consistent exercise regime for having the willpower they’re missing to move toward and maintain proper fitness. Please give us a call to book a hypnosis for exercise motivation session with our Rockland County hypnosis center in New City, and find yourself on a greater path in life, eagerly attaining your fitness goals with regular exercise. Learn more about gaining motivation to exercise with hypnosis.