Hypnotherapy For Performance Anxiety



Rockland County, NY hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose has helped hundreds of people in the public eye conquer their performance anxiety and gain confidence and calmness when communicating in public. Jeffrey Rose has had outstanding success in helping performing artists, public speakers, excel at auditions, castings and corporate presentations and important interviews. Whereas,  previously you may have experienced feelings of anxiety and even, nausea and dizziness, by using hypnosis for performance anxiety it will become a completely improved experience. You will feel more calm and confident when you communicate. You will also experience excitement and an increased sense of awareness that comes with performing well.

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Whatever your field, when you are performing, your feelings of exhilaration will create a positive energy that will generate a much better response from your audience. You will find inspiration in your career by your artistry and spontaneity, and with greater courage and charisma, whether you are an entertainer or public speaker. You will communicate in the flow state and find yourself giving presentations and speaking up more at work in a courageous, relaxed and powerful way that will create respect

After just a few hypnosis for performance anxiety sessions, you will be able to relax instantly in any social situation and enjoy expressing yourself more when you in front of any audience. You will give a much greater performance or speech, but enjoy it doing it more. You can look forward to auditioning more and you feeling confident during your speaking engagements.

Please call our Rockland County hypnosis center in New City, New York, to book a performance anxiety hypnotherapy session with our talented clinical hypnotherapist, Jeffrey Rose, CMH so you can become a more confident communicator and realize your full career potential as an actor or corporate communicator.

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