Hypnosis To Relieve Stress


The Nature of Stress

Stress is the emotional strain or tension caused usually by a situation for which your resources to deal with it are too limited. The situations or events that create stress are often referred to as the stressors. Once you know what the stressors are you can take measures to change the situation or seek more resources.

Work situations can create stress and your personal life can create stress too. Some stress in your life is a normal part of living your life. It is quite normal and even helpful in some situations as it prepares you for your flight or fight response when that is called for.

Unfortunately, in our modern life we may experience strong stress where we have no opportunity to respond in the flight or fight way. We remain in the stress-inducing situation at work or in our social lives without any recourse, and end up within an ongoing detrimental state of stress, which can seriously harm our health.

Causes of Stress in One’s Work Life

There are many things that cause stress in a person’s life. You may not be as consciously aware of some of them as contributing directly to your stress, so it is a good idea to go over many of them, so that you can uncover and deal with them.

Just simply having very little power or influence in your working situation can be stressful. And within work itself you may be subject to too many time constraints or be dealing with demanding complex tasks. You may be a situation where you are not sure what is expected of you, nor how your work is being evaRockland_NY_hypnosis_stressluated by those above you. Some of your fellow workers may be harassing you or even trying to bully you. Your work may be demanding too much of your time and limiting you from having a healthy social life. People can also experience stress during times of change within their companies which leave them insecure. Sometimes just the nature of a repetitive and unchanging task can cause stress in certain individuals. Not being promoted at the pace you desire can cause stress, while being promoted to another position with different responsibilities can be stressful for others.

Naturally, family illness and bereavement are stressful, as is separation from a partner. For some moving to a new place, though exciting, can also be very stressful. Being a parent dealing with behavioral situations with your children and concerns about their scholastic and social difficulties can cause stress. And, of course any other family conflicts or other social conflicts within your circle of acquaintances.

When Stress is Bad

It is of course normal to have some stress in these areas, but if it is overpowering then you must take steps to learn new skills and attain new resources so that the stress does not prove harmful. If stress is unrelenting it can have many negative consequences. It can leave you enervated and be debilitating. It can lead you drink too much alcohol, and to smoke heavily. It can lead you to develop a reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, or to use illegal drugs. You experience grief, or you may feel anger. Depression and overeating are all often the result of experiencing unrelieved stress.

stress-relief-hypnosis_Rockland_NYHypnosis for Stress Reduction

Fortunately, through the Advanced Hypnosis Center’s Program in Stress Management regardless of the external conditions that were causing your stress, you will develop new ways to deal with it and experience significant relief. Through hypnosis you will learn new, effective ways to deal with and combat stress that will be implemented by your subconscious mind automatically. You will generate new mental habits and utilize new techniques that will minimize, and in some cases even totally eliminate, stress in areas where it formally was dominating and interfering with your enjoyment of life. Stress will no longer be able to stop you from living a positive, fulfilling life you want for yourself.

Using Hypnosis to Create New Resources for Dealing with Stress

Sometimes inadequate ways of dealing with stress are actually learned earlier in life from those around us like parents and teachers, who in the end, have given us weak and inadequate ways of relating with, and coping with, the outside world.

With hypnosis these poor habits will quickly and easily be changed to more effective and powerful ones. Your original poor responses will be effortlessly changed to more resourceful ones Things that were formally generating debilitating amounts of stress in your life, will more easily be dealt with, and no longer cause damage to your psychological and physical well-being.

Rockland hypnotist for stress reliefThe Specific Benefits with Hypnosis

With Advanced HypnosisStress Management Program in Rockland County you will enjoy relief from many stress induced symptoms: anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, overeating and the need for drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine from smoking, pharmaceutical drugs such as tranquilizers, anti-depressants and anxiety relievers, and of course, illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. Of course, the need for drugs may emanate from other things too, but where stress is the main factor, you will discover that the need for these things has greatly diminished.

In addition, you will have more self-confidence and self-esteem and be more resourceful. When the need arises, you will be able to take action and make changes in your environment. You will see those things which are capable of being changed and change them so that they generate less stress in your life. With work problems and relationship difficulties, you will have the resources to create positive change in your life environment.

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