Hypnotherapy For Fear Of Flying


NY_hypnosis_overcome_fearofflyingFear of Flying is one of the more common irrational fears. One reason is that there are many aspects to flying that are potentially psychologically disturbing. For example, being restricted in a small space for a long time without any possibility of changing your situation can be very uncomfortable for many people. In addition, there is a small but real danger to flying; you are high up in the air moving at great speeds. For many the most anxiety generating aspect of flying is that you are totally dependent on the judgment and actions of total strangers for your safety.

As you see, fear of flying can combine elements of other phobias and fears, such as fear of confining spaces and fear of heights. It also includes elements of fear of loss of control, and anxiety about some possible future catastrophic and even fatal, event.

Another influence that helps create fear of flying is the media. Through catastrophic depictions in movies and on television, individuals are vicariously experience the most frightening of flying situations. All of which cannot but reinforce and intensify all the aspects of flying that might lead one to develop such a fear of flying that they can no longer tolerate getting on a plane.

The Irrational Nature of Fear of Flying

Thousands of planes all over the world, regularly, safely complete their trips each and every day. It is thus readily apparent that while some apprehension is reasonable, it would be irrational and unreasonable to let the hazards of flying prevent you from taking advantage of one of the most wonderful amenities of modern life, being able to quickly travel to other places with great speed. I know most of you would consider a person who avoids going riding in car because of the danger involved, to be excessively anxious and fearful of something that ought to be accepted as a regular, fairly safe part of everyday life. In fact, statistically, many experts are saying that flying is safer than driving a car in today’s world. The conditions of flying in a plane are no doubt less comfortable and less comforting than being in a car; nonetheless, riding in a plane is actually safer.

Your Experience of Fear of Flying

As an experienced, caring hypnotist I understand that though the perceived dangers may not be real, the fears and anxieties of those who have fear of flying are very real. In addition to the psychological aspects of fear of flying, many of the people who come to see me for hypnosis have suffered resulting physiological symptoms too, such as a wildly beating heart and rapid, hyperventilating breathing. They may also suffer from stomach cramps, dizziness, headache and nausea. I always take into consideration in helping my clients end their fear of flying that the anxiety and other symptoms connected with fear of flying are very real indeed.

Permanently Ending Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Fortunately, in my Rockland hypnosis center, using the efficacious tool of hypnosis, I am regularly able to quickly and easily alleviate the undesirable and limiting irrational fear of flying, and end all the physical symptoms resulting from it. Even for those who have been able to fly with their fear, hypnosis can be a great alleviating boon, as hypnosis will allow them to enjoy their entire trip without being filled with continuing dread about their return flight while they are, for example, at their distant vacation location with their family.

Rockland hypnotherapy for fear of flyingHow Hypnosis Ends Fear of Flying

Through hypnosis I guide the person to experience calm and relaxation during flying and flying related situations that formally caused fear and anxiety. In addition, I help them change their belief system regarding the nature of flying. Then, I can use my expertise as an experienced hypnotist to go further, and guide them to experience flying as exciting and exhilarating. Many of my fear of flying clients are absolutely surprised and delighted with their new freedom to enjoy traveling by plane whenever and to wherever they wish.

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Rockland Hypnotist Jeffrey Rose, featured in fear of flying article “Mind Over Matter” from MARTHA STEWART LIVING

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