Hypnosis For Phobias


Eliminate Irrational Fears

Hypnotherapy-for-Phobias-Rockland-County-NYAn irrational fear of an object or situation can often seriously interfere with a person enjoying living a normal life. Some of the more common irrational fears are claustrophobia, a fear of confining spaces and situations, and agoraphobia, which is a fear of open spaces and being out in public.

People with irrational fears usually end up seriously restricting their life by doing the best they can to totally avoid those things and situations for which they have a fear.

As most irrational fears are highly irrational from the conscious point of view, it is clear that they are manifested from beliefs and attitudes in the subconscious of the individual. Fortunately, hypnosis has the ability to access these beliefs and attitudes and change them permanently. Hypnosis, because of its power to make these changes, is the best way to alleviate and eliminate irrational fears.

Is Fear Ever Useful?

Fear can have important survival value for an individual. It can make people more careful and cautious, and influence them to organize to be better prepared for difficult or dangerous circumstances. However, if a fear becomes irrationally intense and interferes with a person’s normal life, then intervention is called for.

Something which is a concern can become very disruptive to someone’s life if it becomes a strong fear which is disturbing and begins effecting normal behavior. When it is frequently triggered by irrational reactions and begins to seriously disrupt the person’s life, then, of course, change is needed. Hypnosis can be especially helpful because these reactions are often uncontrollable as they are frequently created by ideas and thoughts that remain out of awareness in the unconscious mind.

How Fears are Created

Debilitating fears are typically formed by what is referred to as the sensitizing event. Unfortunately, in our day and age they can also be created by vicariously experiencing a disturbing negative event through various entertainment media, such as a disturbing television program or a movie. A sensitizing event may become totally outside of the conscious mind through the course of time.

Common Fears

There are many common fears, such as of flying, high places, water, animals such as, for example, snakes, spiders and sharks. Socially there may be fear of rejection, poor performance in sports, school, theatrical activities, and sex. People might fear performing at work, or failure in life, and even success. There can be a fear of impending danger, darkness, open or closed spaces, and death. There can be a fear of blood, contamination, even the unknown. There can be many others, including a general fear of loss of control. Each one of these can vary in intensity.

Eliminating Fears with Hypnotherapy

Fortunately, hypnosis can uncover this event and create a process that quickly desensitized the individual so that the client experiences less fear, and becomes more resourceful when faced with it. They will end up having more courage, confidence and more resulting calmness when encountering the original feared object or situation.

In cases where no event is discovered and uncovered, hypnosis for phobia relief can directly enable the client to associate different, more positive feelings in those formerly fearful situations.

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