Hypnotherapy For Surgery Preparation


Doctors are now recognizing the health-promoting values of hypnotherapy for preparation for surgery and recovery. This is because clinical studies have proven just how valuable the use of clinical hypnosis can be for the success of their operations, and for a healthier recovery of their patients. For example a randomized double blind study where patients were being hysterectomized had demonstrated less bowel problems, shorter recovery time, less fever, better recovery,  and a shorter hospital stay than the control group, and that such patients compared with matched controls, patients that listened to positive suggestions before and during surgery had a lower blood loss and a shorter recovery. This clearly demonstrates how valuable hypnotherapy can be in surgicHypnosis, surgery, Rockland, Hypnotherapyal intervention. Within the benefits of preoperative hypnosis are included, diminished anxiety, decrease of blood loss, decrease blood pressure, enhancement of postoperative wellness, reduced hospital stay, reduced postoperative nausea and vomiting, and a decrease in postoperative pain killers, as well as a decrease in both the length and cost of hospital stay.

A 1991 review of clinical trials using hypnosis with surgical patients had found that 89% of the trials demonstrated that hypnosis, along with relaxation and positive suggestions facilitated the physical and psychological recovery from surgery. In a 2002, a meta-analysis evaluated hypnosis for surgical patients for its overall effect and benefit for clinical outcomes and concluded that hypnosis is an adjunct to surgery and was believed to be beneficial for the majority of patients.

Hypnosis has achieved these positive results through a non-pharmaceutical intervention. Thus all its successful benefits can be experienced without any harmful side effects. You should know that in many cases hypnotherapy can actually obviate the need for increased pharmaceutical interventions.

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