Hypnotherapy For Tinnitus


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Using hypnosis for tinnitus is very efficacious. In many cases a beneficial reduction in the intensity of the tinnitus can be achieved. However, you should not expect to have a complete disappearance and alleviation of the discomfort, though in some cases this is certainly possible. Additionally, you need to have a medical assessment of the problem made prior to coming to see us for a reduction in its intensity, as there may be a valuable symptom of a serious condition that actually requires medical intervention.

Tinnitus as a phantom auditory sensation is influencedHypnosis, Tinnitus, rockland NY treatment by many factors, including one’s psychological state and stress levels and, as such, will vary in intensity over time. This is where the relationship between the psychological state and the tinnitus is how hypnosis can readily create a reduction in its intensity. Tinnitus is frequently made worse by stress, and it has been shown that for someone suffering from tinnitus, their psychological attitude plays a significant role in coping with and substantially reducing this condition. Hypnosis for tinnitus can promote relaxation and a better sense of well being, which can relieve tinnitus and distress. By reducing mental conditions that can cause tinnitus, and by guiding the subconscious mind to maintain conditions leading to reduced tinnitus, significant relief can be experienced.

An additional strategy of using hypnosis for tinnitus is to be guide your subconscious mind to use your selective attention ability to make it less noticeable. Within most of human environments there are often sounds which we are unaware, like traffic sound, people talking on the sidewalk, planes flying in the sky. At work it may be people the sounds of phones ringing, coworkers talking or the noise of a copy machine. You can be steered to use this ability of selective attention to significantly diminish your awareness of tinnitus, so it is reduced as if it were as intrusive as other background noise in your life that you don’t seem to notice.

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