Weight Loss Hypnosis  Protocol


Prior to your first weight loss hypnosis session, you will be emailed our weight loss program  materials, that will include a weight loss reduction questionnaire, a weight loss readiness test and a primary sensory mode test for you to answer prior to your first weight loss hypnosis session. These materials will help Mr. Rose, tailor your session to your personal needs and lifestyle.. Additionally, they will help you begin your process of change even before your first weight loss hypnosis session.

When you arrive at our comfortable and professional Rockland hypnosis center for your first weight loss hypnotherapy session, you will have very little or no wait time as we respect your time and ours. To accommodate our clients who wish to have additional privacy we have strategies to support you.

At the beginning of your first hypnosis for weight loss session, clinical hypnotist and nutritionist, Jeffrey Rose, will review your completed weight loss questionnaires with you so that he really gets to know your weight loss challenges and your motivation for losing weight. If you have ever experienced cold, impersonal medical professionals in the past, you will be pleasantly pleased to find Mr. Rose to be a warm, compassionate individual, a person with whom you will feel completely comfortable and confident.

Jeffrey will then take time to thoroughly explain the nature of hypnosis and answer any questions you may have. Next, you will be gently guided into a trance state. Trance, or hypnosis, is a special state of mind in which you are highly focused and concentrating and therefore, more suggestible.

Your first weight loss hypnosis session lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Approximately ten days after your first visit, Mr. Rose recommends having a 1 hour reinforcement session. This is generally followed by a few more 45 minute reinforcement sessions in the future.

After your first weight loss hypnosis session, you will be emailed our Affirmations for a Slender Body,  Mr. Rose’s weight loss articles and some of his published health articles for you to read. You will also receive various weight loss self hypnosis audios to listen to regularly.


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