Hypnotherapy For Golf


Rockland County hypnotist for golf with Tiger WoodsBy coming to our prestigious Rockland County hypnosis center you’ll be able to vastly improve your golf game with hypnosis. You will be  delighted that you’ll be doing so automatically by the proper use of your subconscious mind. Many champion golfers have used hypnotherapy to remain poised and focused under the pressure of an intense golf tournament, and now you can too.

Through the skilled guidance of your hypnotist, stress and anxiety will evaporate and be replaced with intense focus and concentration, free from the negative effects of surrounding distractions.

You will learn to putt reliably and automatically feel composed, relaxed and in your zone with every putt. You’ll find that previous putting challenges on the course, for example the yips, will disappear and you’ll maintain a smooth and rhythmic putting stroke that will lead you to significant success in the game of golf. Yips, the involuntary twitch of a golfer’s hands, wrists, or forearms, most commonly occur when the golfer is putts. You may suffer from yips and while it’s true that they may be the result of neuromuscular disorders, in most cases they’re mental and are treatable with psychological interventions. Hypnosis for golf is very effective modality in making this problem dissolve and disappear from one’s golf game. You’ll have a new, more positive interaction between your subconscious mind and your physical movement. You’ll be able to remain poised in the most competitive situations and achieve your best performance.

Please call our Rockland County, NY hypnosis center at (800) 749-0840 to schedule a hypnosis for golf session with either our hypnotist in New City, so we can help you improve your golf game more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible. You’re going to be free of past frustrations on the course, and thoroughly enjoy your new enhanced golf performance, filled with the reliability and consistency you’ve always wanted when golfing.

The Advanced Hypnosis Center of Rockland County is conveniently located in New City, NY 10956- Call now and perfect your golf game.