Hypnotherapy For Gambling Addiction



Hypnosis to Stop Gambling Addiction 

Gambling can have serious financial consequences, as it can be very destructive to your relationships within your family and social life. It can lead you to live a life lacking in integrity and lowering your self esteem. Gambling can provide a temporary boost your sense of self-worth when you are winning. Frequently you feel that all your past failures will be erased with that one huge, winning run you that you’re seeking. For many, it’s a form of distraction to quell boredom and keep you in a high state of excitement and thrill, which may also help you escape from thinking about more troubling things happening on in your life. When depressed you may feel lifeless and down, and a few hours of gambling’s intense excitement can be luring.

One aspect of gambling is the dynamic of frequent stress and anxiety when losing being pleasurably relieved with a sudden win. The more you are losing, the more intensity and pleasure you will feel when you do finally win. This feeling of intense pleasure when you winning plays a key motive in your seeking more and more gambling opportunities.

Hypnosis for gambling addiction is a key modality for putting an end to your gambling habit. Your clinical hypnotist will guide your subconscious to understand the truly destructive nature gambling’s consequences. Instead of expecting thrills and pleasure in it, your subconscious will view gambling as destructive and undesirable, and your subconscious mind will influence your conscious mind to seek out other things to experience the positive feelings you previously got your gambling. You pursue and involve yourself in other, more  positive behaviors that will provide you all the positive feelings you formerly were dependent on gambling to achieve. You will seek out things to do that are more entertaining, rewarding and beneficial, than your former gambling habit. Ones that will relieve you from stress if that’s what you were getting by gambling. Perhaps it can be a completely new interest, like participating in a new sport or healthy hobby. Our hypnotherapist will quickly  free you of your former gambling addiction and filled you with a new found sense of self esteem and self worth.

Schedule a hypnosis to stop gambling session with our Rockland County hypnotist and find yourself, quickly and easily, freeing yourself of your former gambling habit, and moving onto a new, healthy and constructive, positive path.


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