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Achieving Your Best

Top athletes competing in college sports and at the professional level have all accepted the power of hypnosis to enable the competitor to perform at a higher level and to fully achieve their potential. Today many Olympic athletes in many different and varied sports regularly incorporate hypnosis and hypnotic techniques into their training programs.

Not only can the power hypnosis be utilized by the world’s top athletes, but it can be employed by anyone seeking to improve their performance at any level of competition. Whether you are a weekend golfer or enjoy summer tennis, you will discover that hypnosis at Advanced Hypnosis Center of Rockland County can raise your performance to a higher level. Hypnosis is one of the best and one of the easiest ways to improve and enhance your athletic performance and enable you to achieve your personal best.

The Role of the Mind in Achieving Excellence

Every one knows that physical training is a key to performing well in sports. However, it is now becoming more and more accepted that your state of mind is of primary importance to excel and fulfill your natural potential in your sport of choice. Some experts in the field of sports training have even gone so far as to assert that for a top athlete 80% of his success is determined by the state of his mind. Even for the weekend athlete, visualization and mental rehearsal are key elements in getting you to perform at your best.

With hypnosis the resulting effects from the use of these techniques are tremendously amplified. Coordination improves because during mental rehearsal of a peak performance the nervous system performs as if the physical activity were actually taking place. In addition, rehearsal and visualizations of an excellent performance convince the subconscious that the actual event can also be accomplished at that high level, and thus creates within the mind the confidence that is essential for a peak performance.
Hypnosis allows enables you to completely change negative beliefs, and continuing internal dialogue and thoughts that block you from performing at your ultimate peak. In addition, an occasional poor performance will not make you subject to any feelings of frustration or discouragement. Competing can create tremendous anxiety and fear of failure and humiliation, which will all be mitigated by hypnosis. You will learn how to create mind states which enable you to avoid being seriously effected by any mental negative factors during your preparation and training for the event, and during the actual sport event itself.

Tiger-woods-ny-hypnotist-golf-jeffrey-roseLearning Effective Visualization and Staying in the “Zone”.
You will learn that visualizations and mental rehearsals are most effective when they include the use of as many senses and are as vivid as possible. Interestingly, visualizations can be used to advantage at the moment of performance, not just in practice and preparation. Post-hypnotic suggestions and the use of cues and anchors can place your mind in the effective state you desire at the very moment you desire it. Athletes are all familiar with the concept of being “in the zone”, a time when everything seems to come together and you perform at your very best. We will give you the capability to get into the “Zone” during an event and perform at your best.

Hypnosis for the Serious Athlete

We individually design hypnotic programs for serious professional athletes based on their particular needs. A hypnosis program for improvement and optimization of performance will be formulated from several overall strategies according to an athlete’s individual needs.

Among these are enhancing sensory awareness and muscle control, increasing concentration, controlling internal dialogue, and decreasing awareness of unimportant external stimuli. There is also the need to better control anxiety, anger and emotionality, enhancing motivation and enthusiasm.

Positive performance aspects can be amplified, such as increasing energy, feelings of invigoration and endurance, while enhancing the actual performance skill.

Through hypnosis increased self-esteem, confidence, and self-efficacy are also available, while there is valuable resolution of unconscious blocks and conflicts. Hypnosis can also lead to better management of discomfort during the actual performance.

Actual hypnotic techniques may involve many of the following: age regression (e.g., to outstanding performances), imagining an ideal model, mental rehearsal, use of end-result imagery, age progression, direct suggestions, progressive relaxation, symbolic imagery techniques, ego-strengthening methods, positive internal dialogue, alert trance, and so forth.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or pro athlete seeking hypnosis for sports in Rockland County you can schedule a session of hypnosis for athletic performance in New City and become a much better athlete.

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