Marilu-Henner-ny-hypnotist-jeffrey-roseI always wanted to meet Marilu Henner to discuss her exceptional ability she has to remember her entire life. She is most famous for her role in the show Taxi, but what I am most fascinated about is that Marilu Henner has hyperthymesia and can recall specific details of her everyday life since childhood. This exhibits the wonderful potential that lies within the human mind. Often through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, these as yet unrealized potentials can be accessed.

Additionally, she shares my interest in promoting healthy eating and living. Her mother and father passed away in their 50s, which inspired her to begin her personal quest for better health. Marilu shared this with others in many of her books, including, Total Health Makeover. Although I don’t adhere personally to all the principles she espouses, they contain some supportive material promoting a healthier life.