Tom Vilsack_Rockland_hypnotust_Jeffrey_RoseAt the 2014 NY Times’ FOOD FOR TOMORROW conference at Stone Barns, I was able to discuss the need to realign the programs of the Department of Agriculture, with United States Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.

In the past, the USDA has chosen to create programs promoting large-scale, industrial farming that didn’t generate the nutritious food products. It is important to me that the USDA property supports rural, small farmers that produce a variety of organic produce, and other healthier products, such as grass-fed milk and meat, which provide superior nutritional benefits for our citizens. Financial subsidies and regulations from our USDA play a key role in deciding which crops will be grown in our country.  That is why it was important for me to take this opportunity to lobby Tom Vilack, about directing these financial and regulatory resources, to facilitate the financial well-being of our nation’s small farmers.