Joan-Borysenko-Rockland-hypnotist-jeffrey-roseSpeaking with Harvard-educated cell biologist and health psychologist, Joan Borysenko at the 2014 Integrative Healthcare Symposium was such a delight. She is a renowned pioneer in understanding the relationship between stress and health and one a wonderful advocate on appreciating the relationship between mind and body in achieving physical and mental health. Joan believes that by working with the mind-body relationship one can reduce stress and at the same time realize one’s full potential for living a healthy life and manifest your true potential.

I certainly concur with her that you need to reduce your stress to avoid being sick and functioning poorly in life. You can certainly function at your peak by reducing stress. Joan understands that approaching your life’s challenges  with resilience and inner resources will help you successfully deal with those problems. This is discussed in her book It’s Not The End of the World: Developing Resilience n Time of Change. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy cam be very effective in lowering stress and creating personal resilience in the face of  life’s challenges.